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    The Kornelia Stephanie Show

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    Kornelia Stephanie

    Friday Shows

    We are anchoring Heaven On Earth on a global scale

    The Kornelia Stephanie Media Shows and Co-hosts are excited to bring you conversations derived from a higher consciousness that inspires and empowers audiences with practical tools on how to live in the new earth. Be part of the experience of the new Kornelia Stephanie Show. By joining her live studio audience, you will be able to not only to see and hear but to talk with the hosts, becoming part of their expanded sense of reality and feel yourself uplifted by it. CLICK HERE to get your free access pass.


    The mission. We are anchoring Heaven On Earth on a global scale. To be an example to all who are called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out, tapping into their authentic truth and exploring the Source/ God/ our infinite power within.


    The discussions are about embracing our multidimensional selves, putting the focus on empathetic leadership. We are spiritually-thriving beings, entrepreneurs and ordinary people telling our stories and sharing our gifts with an emphasis on how valuable our contribution is, thus creating a ripple effect. The shows are about realizing our dreams, consciously creating a reality in expansive ways, moving with ease from surviving to thriving, creating our own version of Paradise.


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  • Meet My Co-Hosts

    My co-hosts and I are so excited to have you as part of our experience!

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Be part of the experience of the new Kornelia Stephanie Show. By joining her live studio audience, you will be able not only to see and hear but to talk with the hosts, becoming part of their expanded sense of reality and even feel yourself uplifted by it.


    VIP Guests of the Show win prizes, learn cool stuff, engage with hosts have fun. If you are bringing a friend or a group have each of them sign in right here to get their tickets. See you in the Podcast Virtual Studio Audience.

    The Kornelia Stephanie Show

    Living Heaven on Earth

    The Kornelia Stephanie show is about building our new world. Remembering our multi-dimensional self and coming home to the truth of who we are. Living life as the incredible human we are while at the same time expressing our highest divine self. In the spiral of evolution we just completed a 26,000.00 year cycle of living and experiencing everything that we are not. Our new cycle beginning now we are living and remembering everything that we are. These radio broadcasts are bound to take you on an quantum journey as you release surrender and let go of all that no longer severe your evolution today. We promise to inspire you, empower you as you find yourself elevating to the next level just by being witness to this new way as we communicate our humanity. Read Bio Here.

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Heaven on Earth, The Source of Love
    Dennis Gaither says, "Rather than saying we have found the Source of Love, it would be more correct to say we simply remember what we have chosen to forget."The Source, Love, the Divine, is everywhere and cannot be lost or found. But just as we have forgotten our true nature, we can remember it as well. Not in an intellectual way, but through the Heart’s intention as it directs our actions.


    Whenever we choose kindness over selfishness, forgiveness over vindictiveness, love over hate, we are listening to the Voice for Source, the Voice for Love, within us. And with each such choice, we remember, more and more, that we are of the same essence as Source: Love. Blessings to you all, dear friends.

    You can find out more about Dennis CLICK HERE

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Lady Boss, Accidental Entrepreneur

    More than ‘in remission’, Dana Theriault is all about being on purpose beyond breast cancer to remember her mission: To inspire women and growing girls in their personal leadership to honor their body wisdom and fully express themselves. As a Single Mother, Dana is determined to leave a legacy of love to her 8 year old daughter and the next league of ladies.


    After having always worked in people development and leadership in human resources, Dana learned to dig deep and access resources from her wellspring within to navigate the perfect storm trifecta of cancer healing, court litigation, and career rebirth. In the words of her coaching school faculty advisor, Dana has the “gifts of experience and wisdom that cannot be taught”.

    Now Dana is moved with excitement to be mentoring other women in the launch of her own empowerment coaching and consulting practice. She faithfully reminds herself “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship”.

    In Dana’s words, “When women lead with heart, wisdom rules”.

    To find out more about Dana CLICK HERE

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Lady Boss - Wealth Creation through Partnerships
    Dianne I. Solano, RNCP, ROHP, is a Registered Orthomolecular Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, a former teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and an active member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. Her practice has expanded into the field of functional medicine and has worked closely with elite clinical nutrition experts in both the US and Canada. She has spoken globally on the topics of applied clinical nutrition and have facilitated courses and lectures within various corporations.


    Within the past 4 years Dianne has expanded her business into wealth creation by becoming a Diamond Distribution Partner for Organo Worldwide. Motivated by being a single mom, Dianne has built and lead an international Organization in less than 5 years with a sales volume of over 2 million.

    To find out more about Dianne CLICK HERE

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Lady Boss - To teach love by being an example of love

    Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Julia, known as Hummingbird Jewel, holds a Doctor of Divinity and has studied spirituality since 1974. She was influenced at an early age by her own personal experiences of mystical events. This put her on a path of study which has not stopped.


    She spent 30 years working in corporate environments after graduating from College of the Redwoods and then obtaining her certification as a Paralegal from Humboldt State University located in northern California. She continued her studies of the Divine while working as a Paralegal and in the Human Resources field. After leaving the corporate environment in 2008, she started her own business as A Nanny Extraordinaire retiring in 2017 to launch Hummingbird Jewel Enterprises (HBJ Enterprises).

    To find out more about Julia - Hummingbird CLICK HERE

    Kornelia Stephanie

    Do you have fear or Freedom with your finances?

    with Dawnette Palmore

    I want to help people gain control of their money so they can fund their lives, fund their dreams and un-fund their worries. I help individuals understand their value, find freedom and empower the to create the life they desire. Imagine - your life funded! Your dreams funded! Your worries, unfunded!


    Dawnette Palmore, is a Financial Wellness Coach located in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California. She was a stay at home mom and small business owner for over 20 years. After years of frustration and hopelessness, Dawnette discovered some common sense principals that helped her gain control of her money, gave her peace and hope for the future. Dawnette then made it her passion to create a world where people are not imprisoned by their finances, but are empowered to live out their purpose.

    Kornelia Stephanie

    The Millionaire Imprint for Women - Rise and Be Rich
    Ahana Lara Losita is a Business Transformation Coach, Author and Founder of Rise and Be Rich. As a sought after expert on “transforming businesses inside out”, Ahana has helped business owners from USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand to switch to success. She teaches how to combine mindset training, success principles, aligned strategies, accountability plans and high growth online business systems to grow fast and create freedom, purpose, joy, and financial growth in the business, while serving global clients at the highest level.

    Daniel Nilon is a Speaker, Author and Online Business Coach. He has spent the last 7 years traveling around the world, speaking about innovation and entrepreneurship, conducting workshops and even speaking on the Mindvalley stage.

    To find out more about Ahana & Daniel CLICK HERE 

    Are you an Entrepreneur trying to be seen and heard? Are you tired of being invisible? Are you now ready to be seen as the developing talent you are?

    Would you like to join this incredible group of change-maker entrepreneurs?



    Kornelia went on national news to invite the news staff and everyone watching to join in taking the 21-Day Challenge
    Featured on NBC affiliate "Your Central Valley" in Fresno, California, Monday, July 29th, 2019.


    The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before and about 80% are negative. These studies reveal that the quality of our existence rests on the quality of our internal and external communication. It also reveals how our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act. You can change this!

    Kornelia Stephanie
    Kornelia Stephanie
    Kornelia Stephanie

    Take the 21-Day No-Negativity Challenge

    Seed your Peace and Gratitude Garden

    Take this 21 Day Challenge with me and release negative thoughts so that your body will be responding to thoughts like I AM Worthy, I AM Abundant, I AM Joy, I AM confident, I AM Love, I AM Whole, I AM Free, I AM Pretty Awesome, I AM Beautiful …. I AM Truth.


    Imagine spending just 10 minutes a day creating a sense of well-being and harmony every day for only $1 per day.

  • About Kornelia Stephanie

    Philanthropist Influencer and co-creator of Heaven on Earth

    As the CEO of her own coaching and consulting business, she helps conscious entrepreneurs to be seen and heard while creating a larger impact. Kornelia is a spiritual teacher near Seattle WA and is a TV-radio host with a media platform at Transformation Talk Radio Seattle Washington.


    She helps people reclaim their personal power so that they can become the authority in all areas of their lives. She teaches us to embrace our humanity, offering simple, practical tools on how to live, how to heal our lives using the power of our emotions, loving the self whole. With her passionate and fun nature, Kornelia teaches people in her retreats or her private sessions and her online membership how to integrate practical spirituality into their daily lives. She helps people become emotionally healthy, with great results. She mentors people into their empowerment, which makes a huge difference in their lives and, in turn, uplifts others in their families and communities and is changing the world.


    People experience massive, profound shifts leaving the past behind, moving forward, navigating the new energies with passion, purpose, and confidence. Inspiring self-healing, unconditional self-love, self-leadership, self-empowerment and returning to the basics of co-creating the New Earth in harmony with Nature.

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  • Become a Media Star - Tell Your Story!

    Hear what other Media Stars had to say about working with Kornelia

    Dana Theriault

    Take a look here at what Dana, the accidental entrepreneur, had to say about finding a way to share her wisdom gleaned from recovery from breast, by working with Kornelia.

    Miss Chrissy D

    Miss Chrissy D expresses how she had a big story to tell, about a devastating event in her life, and how Kornelia helped guide her to sharing it with other women and how she now helps women avoid what she went through.

    Carlenia Springer

    How Carlenia stretched way beyond her comfort zone to take care of something that had to be done and how Kornelia helped her jumpstart her cause.

    Autumn Seibel

    Autumn reveals an experience with her brother who had passed that changed her life journey completely and how she knew she wanted to share it, and Kornelia helped her find her way.

    Debbra Lupien

    Debbra talks about how valuable being a Guest on Kornelia's show has been for her and why you need to work with Kornelia to spread your gifts and wisdom to a wider audience.


    Hummingbirdjewel talks about how she had asked for divine guidance in how she could increase her business and reach more clients. She was sent an angel in the form of Kornelia Stephanie.

  • From Rags to Riches - Become a Media Star! Step Out Of The Shadow into the Spotlight
    with Media Mogul Kornelia Stephanie

    If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel but are ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, there’s no better time than now. Maybe you’ve spent $1000’s and are feeling frustrated or like a failure?

    Your moment has come! Now that you’re ready to be seen this is the-special opportunity that you’ve been waiting for! I’m here to help You Step Out Of The Shadow into the Spotlight. The spotlight is your ticket to visibility & Visibility = INCOME.

    Kornelia Stephanie
    Kornelia Stephanie


    • You have a lot of deep experience around healing the body and mind.
    • You have overcome a horrific past the now you see the gift in it and want to help others you have a dream, you have a story, you are ready to help others heal through telling your story.
    • If you’re ready, to increase your confidence, influence a greater audience, attract your five star clients.
    • Increasing your income now, with this perfect opportunity. The whole world does not need to know who you are, just the people whose problems you solve.
    Kornelia Stephanie


      • Reaching the $228 Billion market of the Cultural Creatives
      • Personal endorsements by Kornelia Stephanie, live on-air and embedded in every podcast
      • Banner ads on the TTR Network websites with over 5 million page views
      • Commercials airing live and embedded in every podcast
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      Access Daily Meditations, Reflections & Actions you can take to raise your vibration daily!

      Kornelia Stephanie

      Get your Daily Practice: Reprogram Yourself in 10 Minutes per day from Negative thoughts to Positive, receiving daily high vibrational messages & audio clips. It will help you to:

      • Create your own version of Paradise
      • Release the old limiting beliefs
      • Reprogram yourself daily
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      Dear Ones...

      We are all instruments in a grand symphony of sound and vibration, playing melodies yet unheard. It’s essential to maintain purity of thought and speech by focusing on pure thoughts and orchestrating our energy in a direction that emits the sounds, a frequency which will deliver a matching vibration of harmonic resonance back to you. Each conscious shift of thought creates a shift in vibration.


      Emotions are energy patterns we use to clear our physical bodies of old, suppressed emotions stuck within the DNA. To clear ourselves, we must be willing to release all emotional charges, bringing ourselves back to neutral. This online Membership Group has been created to help you stay pure in thought, to raise your vibration, to release your emotional density and to assist you in coming back to your true organic nature which is to live in harmony.




      Your Daily Practice.

      Become a Self Healer

      Reprogram your Reality.

      Know Thyself.

      Be your own your own Master.

    • What People are Saying...



      "You cannot imagine all the invisible impact you have, Kornelia. All your work will be profitable for all future generations. You have such a big library for people to discover!  And you cover such a broad range of different points to look at, that it makes it impossible for someone that looks at your work, to not find something relevant to their life."


      "I am grateful for Kornelia and this daily morning message and vibration. I have been a member for a while and am listening daily each morning just as I wake up. Starting my day in this vibration and this tone. I am grateful for my resilience! I am resilient and flexible! I am grateful for my work and my ability to support myself and my children. I am grateful for my friends and their appreciation of me. I am grateful for so many things in my life! My heart is full. Namaste!”


      "Being a guest and co-host on Kornelia’s radio show was an amazing experience! She is a joy to work with. She walked me through the entire process and made it such a fun and easy collaboration. I received much feedback about how well we worked together. I definitely received return on my investment, and have high quality content to share and re-purpose for a long time as a result of working with her over 4 months. I felt truly heard and valued as she gave me the opportunity to share my story, and teach what I am passionate about. I would most definitely recommend Kornelia’s show, and am excited to see what will continue to come from this wonderful opportunity!"


      "The collaboration provided me an opportunity to create amazing videos that I can reuse time after time to continue get my message out there and increase my following! I love what I created with Kornelia and I am excited to see what will continue to come from this wonderful experience. "


      "Every time I have had the opportunity to work, play or collaborate with Kornelia Stephanie is has been insightful, expansive and life changing! If you are ready to step out of your mundane comfort zone and into your greatness she will support you each step of the way."


      "Having the opportunity to co-host with Kornelia on the Kornelia Stephanie Show was such an honor. With a keen and swift ability to capture ones true authentic value, Kornelia has a beautiful way of translating with ease for others to receive and benefit from. This was consistently evident throughout each and every show I participated on with Kornelia. My network has exponentially increased consistently since the beginning of our collaboration. Kornelia Stephanie is a true Classic!"


      "Collaborating with Kornelia has been a tremendous blessing, from the moment she offered me an opportunity to be a co-host, I was stretching outside of my comfort zone. Her patience, kindness and gentle guidance supporting me in formulating my message from show to show has built my confidence and given me compelling footage to share with media outlets and other platforms. I now have podcasts and transcriptions which is allowing me to produce my book with ease. I am simply grateful for the connections, her encouragement, and belief in my work, which has given me a space to invite others to share their message!"

    • Wise Words

      "Your true north the direction of your higher power guiding you in building your new world with every thought action and deed in community for community because love is the action and peace is the way." ~Kornelia


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    • Video


      Working with Kornelia on Personal Development

      Charlene Hess

      Life Coach Fitness Trainer

      Janet Hickox

      Financial Upleveling

      Robyn Pipkin

      Wellness Practitioner

      Steve Chang

      Hollywood Stuntman, Entrepreneur

      Bob Skeele

      Author, Poet

      Autumn Seibel

      Golden Otter Divinations

      Kornelia Stephanie

      Debbra Lupien

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